Foam Shampoo

Foam Shampoo
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36 PLN

The delivery time includes: time of realization (2 working days) and transport (1 working day in Poland; 3-5 working days in other countries)

Foam Shampoo is a product intended for both natural and extended eyelash cleaning. The new formula makes the shampoo foam even more. Its cleaning power is due to the foam structure. It penetrates easily into thickened eyelashes and raises impurities, without the need for intensive friction and soaking of eyelashes. The foam does not dissolve or melt.


Delicate formula degreases, removes accumulated dust and dead skin without weakening the glue. Its regular use means that eyelashes are not loaded with residues from everyday makeup. The foam is also suitable for makeup removal before styling and eyelash cleaning before application. Remember that after cleaning your eyelashes, shampoo should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water or saline.

Capacity 55 ml.