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Professional eyelash extensions and filling products

Our main goal is to pass on knowledge that will help you style lashes in a safe, professional and deliberate way. Applying lash extensions is not only about carefully glueing them while maintaining universally acknowledged standards. A Conscious eyelash styling is analysing face features and eyes shape. It is a knowledge, which effects you should use to achieve most flattering style for your client. To become an authority on the subject for clients and pick the best effects for them, you have to know what are you doing.

Not all women look good in red or in hairstyle with bangs. Just as not every woman will look good in  a cat-eye style or lashes with a D-curve. Women who seek professional lash extensions treat this treatment as a constant part of their image. For them, it's more like a regular visit to a hairdresser. Our goal should be making women of all ages aware that well-made eyelash extensions are a part of modern lifestyle. Posh Lashes means spectacular gaze, lashes in great condition and perfect style. Our training program has been designed to make Posh Lashes instructors into authority in the field of lash extensions for their clients. We share with you the knowledge which we've been gathering for many years.

" If you want to do something well, you have to love it with all your heart"