Strip Eyelashes GOOD LOOK

Strip Eyelashes GOOD LOOK
Strip Eyelashes GOOD LOOK
Strip Eyelashes GOOD LOOK
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The delivery time includes: time of realization (2 working days) and transport (1 working day in Poland; 3-5 working days in other countries)

Strip Eyelashes GOOD LOOK
Strip Eyelashes GOOD LOOK
Strip Eyelashes GOOD LOOK

A way to perfect the everyday look? The Good Look strip eyelashes will let you to enjoy a tempting, phenomenal look whenever you feel like it.


Good Look strip eyelashes are designed for self-application. Enjoy the beautiful, natural effect of well-groomed eyelashes.



Good Look strip eyelashes properties:


  • easy application
  • reusable
  • black, comfy strip made of cotton thread
  • made from the most high-tech polyester fibres
  • slightly uneven, jagged line
  • optical enlargement of the eye
  • perfect for everyday use – no fake eyelashes effect
  • strip eyelashes lenght: 6-14mm

POSH LASHES eyelashes application



  1. Carefully remove eyelashes from the box. You can do this with tweezers, grabbing one of the corners of the strap.
  2. Remember that the eyelashes do not fit perfectly to your eyes, so before sticking them on, try them on and check that the length of the strip is ok and the eyelashes don’t need


Cut the strip from the outside, the one on which it sticks beyond the eye line. Eyelashes should start approx. 1-2 mm in front of the iris edge from the inside, and end NOT perfectly in the outer corner, but slightly before it (approx. 1-2 mm). Proper application will avoid discomfort when blinking.


        3.Apply a bit of your favorite eyelash glue to an accurately cut strip and wait about 10-30 seconds for it to dry slightly.

  1. Apply with tweezers to the eyelid just above the natural line of your eyelashes. Gently press the eyelash strip, paying particular attention to its ends. Hold for a few seconds.
  2. That's all. You look beautiful!
  3. Enjoy phenomenal eyelashes and a captivating gaze!


POSH LASHES eyelashes removal


  1. To remove false eyelashes, hold the strip on the outside and carefully peel it off the eyelid.
  2. Gently clean the eyelashes from the glue and place them in a box. Stored in the original box, they can safely wait until next time.