Eyelash extensions

Having long, thick and curly lashes is every woman's dream. Posh Lashes offers a broad spectrum of products includes volume extensions in both black and brown colour in three different variants which helps in customising the look to fit not only the client's face but also style and occasion.

Eyelash extensions - Silk, Mink and Business Line

Extensions form Silk collection are the only lashes on the market with a double amount of pigment and a glossy finish. They create a truly spectacular effect. Our Mink collection is perfect for a more casual style, they create an amazing, fresh, feathery look. Ladies who cannot rock a full glam look, limited by a dress code at their workplace, will appreciate the Business Line - light, matt and delicate extensions that won't put a strain on natural lashes.

Volume Lashes are available in small and big palettes - 7 or 14 rows each

All Posh Lashes lines come in a number of different diameters, lengths and curls which helps in creating that perfect look for any face shape and features. Posh Lashes extensions meet high safety standards. They go through a 9-step control process to make sure that the product is of very high quality. Thanks to durable polyester fibres our volume extensions are resistant to losing shape over time.

Every purchase comes with an official complementary Posh Lashes poster and bigger orders get extra goodies.