Lamination Cream

Lamination Cream
Lamination Cream
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The delivery time includes: time of realization (2 working days) and transport (1 working day in Poland; 3-5 working days in other countries)

Lamination Cream
Lamination Cream

A delicate cream which will perfectly and permanently curl your lashes in two steps:
step 1 - Activator Cream, step 2- Cream. Packaged in handy sachets which keep the product fresh so dispensing the right amount of product is easy. The product contains keratin which nourishes and strengthens lash structure from the very first use. 
The package contains:
- Step 1 Activator Cream 0.5 g x 10 sachets
- Step 2 Nautralizer Cream 0.5 g x 10 sachets.
The set is designed for 20-40 applications and the spectacular results will last from 5 up to 12 weeks!

The time the product should be left on the lashes depends on the conditions of the natural eyelashes.

Step 1 Activator Cream: 

Step 2 Neutralizer Cream:

- thin, delicate lashes - max. 11 min.
- medium thickness lashes - 13 min.
- thick, strong lashes - max. 15 min.

- thin, delicate lashes - max. 9 min.
- medium thickness lashes - 11 min.
- thick, strong lashes - max. 13 min.


The time that the product should be kept on lashes is adjusted to the pH of the cream so that the products are safe for the natural structure of lashes. Posh Lashes Lamination Cream are non-aggressive and do not dry the lashes.

In addition, the Posh Lashes creams for lamination - both Step 1 Activator and Step 2 Naturalizer - contain hydrolysed keratin which regenerates the hair by supplementing the shortage of the natural components that build the lash structure.