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Are you ready for deep black, shine and effect of silky eyelashes in a new edition?

If these are the effects you were looking for - this next proposition from Posh Lashes is what you need. The new edition of the Silk Collection offers much more.

We know that the phenomenal final effect also depends on the comfort of your work. In response to your needs, we have designed a product with universal properties, the incredible shine of which goes hand in hand with a comfortable application. That is why eyelashes do not slip, and catching them with tweezers and creating beautiful tufts is easier than ever before. We achieved extraordinary elasticity and resistance to deformation or colour loss thanks to the use of the highest quality polyester fibres.

The new Posh Lashes Silk eyelash collection is available in mix length cases with 16 strips and in 8 strips cases, with one length and multiple sticking and removal. Variants available: